Who We Are


CUSP was formed by UNR College of Education and Washoe County School District leaders in 2013.  It began as way to  capture the existing partnerships of  the local community, namely, Reno, the University of Nevada Reno, and the school district.  In the past five years, CUSP has grown into a more comprehensive initiative, one that helps bring not only a clearing house dimension to the website but more impressively a way to encourage the development of more partnerships beyond the local school district. "Beyond" means other school districts in the area, businesses, community programs that support learning, and service learning.  Now CUSP is looking to include international programs too.   CUSP is structured on the processes that guide collective impact, a systematic way to look broadly at multiple initiatives and develop a common vision  - that is, a commitment to strengthen how multiple players involved in  education work together.

In summary, CUSP utilizes a collective impact approach – the theory that change can happen more systematically and effectively when partners identify a common problem and work together with a shared purpose.