Community University School Partnerships.

Our Vision: Foster continuous learning together

Through CUSP we work to fulfill the mission statement that addresses student success. 









Our Mission: Strengthen our shared realization of professional education standards.

We create a shared vision of all professional education standards (NVACS, PSEL, Teacher Leader Model Standards, NEPF, Professional Learning Standards). 


What does CUSP do?

 It provides a framework to share our combined resources and levels of expertise to help build effective ways for our students and teachers to be effective in meeting the Nevada Academic Content Standards. 

How is this accomplished?

Through impact teams consisting of members from College of Education, Washoe Country School District, nearby school districts and interested community members, CUSP provides tools and implementation strategies to facilitate cooperation and meaningful conversation for educators, business leaders, families, and students.


Collective Impact

We are focused on educational partnerships that  have the highest influential impact on our school--university learning community.  We are organized into impact teams made up of committed individuals who are passionate about finding ways to be effective in integrating the Nevada Academic Content Standards in our schools and in our teacher education programs. We believe that only a cooperative effort among higher education, P-12 schools, and the community can produce meaningful change and raise the bar of quality education for all of us, teachers, students, and families.

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